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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr
enik1138 at popapostle dot com
V: The Conversion V
"The Conversion"
Written by Brian Taggert
Directed by Gilbert Shilton

Diana is caught by surprise when she finds the Leader has sent a war hero as a replacement for her as commander of the invasion.

Didja Notice?

The Freedom Network reports that a huge battle is taking place near Rome, Italy where resistance fighters are dug in all along the Appian Way; in the U.S., resistance fighters destroyed an important Visitor supply depot near Tulsa, OK; fighting continues on the Mogollon Rim where the Ron Bishop Commandos are hemmed in by the sheer cliffs of the Grand Canyon; high school science teacher Dixie Reilly earns the Freedom Network's Medal of Valor for using his home computer to patch into the Visitor security system which provided information that prevented a surprise attack on Memphis, TN.

The Freedom Network report mentions the Appian Way in Italy. The Appian Way was an important and strategic road of the Roman Empire and portions of the original still exist in parts of the country. It began construction in 312 BC.

The Freedom Network report also mentions fighting occurring in the state of Oklahoma. But from both the map in "Dreadnought" and comments in the novel The Texas Run, Oklahoma should still have red dust efficacy and thus no Visitor presence. Perhaps the same extended summer weather of northern Texas in the novel has now caused a die-off of the bacteria in Oklahoma as well?
Red dust effective areas

The Mogollon Rim mentioned in the Freedom Network report is the southwestern escarpment of the Colorado Plateau, running east-west through most of Arizona and named after the Spanish Governor of New Mexico from 1712-1715, Don Juan Ignacio Flores Mogollón. Part of it runs along the Grand Canyon. Howard K. Smith seems to pronounce it here as "Mongolian"!

Finally, the Freedom Network also reports on a thwarted Visitor attack on Memphis, TN. But, again, Tennessee should be well within the red dust effective area! It must have been a long, bad summer in the U.S. in 1984!

In a street view of the alley next to the ruins of the Club Creole at 3:41 on the DVD, we see that graffiti vandals have spray-painted on the walls there. It's a nice production touch to indicate the "abandonment" of the restaurant. In this same scene an old jacket appears to have been thrown across the screen! I guess it's supposed to suggest a strong gust of wind blowing trash around.

At 3:45 on the DVD, Donovan, in anger, smashes his hand into a large aluminum container on the shelf! I bet it was Marc Singer's idea, he enjoyed bringing a physical element to his performances.

Chris tells Donovan they got word from Indio that the Visitors were slipping the converter through to the legation tonight. Unless he's referring to a person, Indio is a city in the southeastern desert of California, 26 miles east of Palm Springs and 125 east of L.A. But why would Indio, per se, have knowledge of the Visitors moving the converter to the L.A. legation?

At 5:02 on the DVD, a subordinate brings a pad for Diana to sign. The pad is vaguely science-fictional looking, with buttons at the top. It's similar to the pads Captain Kirk would sign on the classic Star Trek!
Visitor pad 

At 5:44 on the DVD, Visitor writing appears on the monitor screen as Charles' ship, the Prospero, approaches. From Diana's dialog, it would appear this line of text indicates the Prospero's name; in fact, the second word shown actually does translate to "Prospero" when compared to the Visitor alphabet chart! Most of the Visitor writing seen in V80 does not translate directly into English words (unlike V2000, where they do).
V writing Visitor alphabet

Why is Charles' ship named Prospero? It doesn't sound like a Visitor word. Surely it wouldn't be named after the character in Shakespeare's The Tempest. Then again, maybe it haven't experienced Shakespeare until you've read him in the original Visitor.

At 6:19 on the DVD, Visitor writing appears on the monitor as the Prospero approaches.
V writing V writing

Charles' shuttle crew and bodyguards wear a white version of the standard Visitor uniforms.

Diana says that she has moved the conversion chamber to the legation in Los Angeles. Why? Wouldn't it be safer on the mothership? For that matter, why not just build a new one if she wants one at the legation?

Charles declares that he is now in command of the fleet at Earth, with Lydia as his adjutant, and that Diana is to be merely the science officer and that her commands must be cleared through him or Lydia first. This is similar to the declaration made by Pamela in "The Masterpiece". Pamela didn't live long after that.

There is Visitor writing visible on Lydia's shuttle at 11:12 on the DVD. V writing V writing
The conversion chamber seen in this episode is quite a bit different than the one seen previously in "The Masterpiece". This one is much brighter and has the victim seated in a chair, watching a video screen that shows the images which are being placed in the victim's mind. The original chamber had the victim standing, locked in place by an invisible force while a blue beam of light swirled around them.
There are Visitor characters on the keypad of the conversion chamber at the legation at 12:54 on the DVD. Interesting to note that the size and shape of the keys conform to a standard human numerical keypad! Visitor keypad
Charles is seen to wear a cheap plastic ring on his left hand that triggers conversion commands in those he has converted. He also wears an earring on his left ear.
Charles' ring Charles' earring

In the conversion chamber, we get our only glimpse of Tyler's wife and daughter. Their names are still unrevealed.
Ham Tyler's wife and daughter

We see a new piece of Visitor technology in this episode. While captive in the mothership, Kyle is kept in a gravity chair which keeps him in place without visible restraints. It may be similar gravity technology that was used in the original conversion chamber seen in "The Masterpiece".

At 25:59 on the DVD, Willie is wearing a Visitor sign that, according to him, reads, "Live rodents, all you can eat."
Live rodents, all you can eat.

At 27:14 on the DVD, there is Visitor writing next to the air duct. V writing

At 27:47 on the DVD, there is Visitor writing on a stack of papers Diana finds in Charles' quarters.
V writing

When Kyle ducks into a Visitor workout room on the mothership, one of the lizards in there is wearing a sweatjacket with a little humanoid figure on the left breast. What's that all about? I suppose it's a play on the little crocodile that appeared on the breast of Izod-Lacoste polo shirts in 1980s, seeing as how the Visitors are reptilian!
Visitor sweatjacket

Donovan says he can get his friend at KDHB television to rig a hookup of their own to broadcast the prisoner exchange in conjunction with the Visitors' broadcast. KDHB is the station Donovan was working for in "Liberation Day" and "Dreadnought".

At 38:07 on the DVD, we see Diana sitting in the legation at a desk with five old books sitting up on it. What are these books? Why would the Visitors have them there?

As the limousine carrying Charles and Diana cruises down the street at 40:29 on the DVD, it can be easily seen that there is no one in it besides the driver! It happens again at 45:28 (in fact, you can tell from the storefronts that it's the same shot repeated).
Visitor limousine

Memorable Dialog

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