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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr
enik1138 at popapostle dot com
V: Night of the Monster "Night of the Monster"
Author Unknown
V Storybook (World International Publishing Ltd.)

The resistance attempts to sabotage Diana's latest filthy plan.

Story Summary

As the story opens, Tyler, Donovan, and Kyle penetrate a Visitor-secured building where the alien menace is putting together its latest project to take down the opposition...robotic duplicates of prominent resistance members Donovan, Julie, Elizabeth, Kyle, Tyler, and one of Tyler's compatriots, Jack Owens. The trio manages to destroy the six robots but is captured in the process and chained, unconscious, in a small cell.

When they come to, Tyler orders Donovan to maneuver such that he can remove the James Bond-like miniature laser-cutter hidden in the heel of the mercenary's left shoe. With it, Tyler is able to free himself from the chains and set a trap for the Visitor guards. Pulling the wires of the single light bulb socket in the ceiling, Tyler then lures the guards to the door, then throws the single pitcher of water left in the room under the door seam and throws the electrical wires into the water as the door is unlocked, electrocuting the aliens.

The trio of resistance fighters is then able to make their way out, killing the remaining guards and blowing up the machine which creates the robotic duplicates to prevent its reuse. They escape the building just before it blows up from their havoc. They have a long walk home from their mission.



Didja Know?

This story appeared in the British 1984 V Storybook, a kids book of short stories all about V. The stories are all pretty lame.

Didja Notice? 

Page 32 mentions that Jack Owens was from Southeast Asia. The southeast portions of the Asian region are those countries and islands that are south of China, east of India, and north of Australia.

The story reveals that the Visitors have an advanced (but rarely seen) technology of robotics. Here, they are in the process of building robot doubles of several of the most important resistance members. The robots have the ability to turn their fingers into spinning blades and also to direct a yellow, electrical streak of power from them. What other abilities the robots may have is left unrevealed.

Page 34 reveals that, at least for this mission, Tyler carries a miniature laser-cutter concealed in the heel of his left shoe. Does he always have some kind of hidden gadget on his person like a spy?

Page 35 mentions the ululating death shriek of the Visitors as previously described on several occasions in the novelization of the two V mini-series.

Having destroyed the robots and the machine that was producing them, Tyler comments, "One more of Diana's filthy plans down the tubes." Why was Diana running this operation in a building on the ground? Wouldn't it have been much more secure to house the operation on the mothership?

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